Every jewellery collector has a few special pieces that they rarely take off. These refined everyday jewels can serve as talismans and connect us with important people, places and memories — and in the matter of the Marlo Laz jewellery brand, each piece is created with this feeling. “My design philosophy is to create everything that feels good for the soul,” says founder and CEO Jesse Marlo Lazowski. “My pieces are there to transcend cultures and borders. They are amulets and souvenirs that make our inner light shine and help us spread positivity in the world.”

A favourite among the best-dressed women in the world (think Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon and Sarah Jessica Parker), Marlo Laz jewellery is inspired by the whole world. The brand’s distinctive collections are imbued with layers of meaning and are linked by a distinctive sense of bohemian opulence. For this edition of In the Vault, we caught up with Jesse Lazowski to learn more about the unique pieces in his cabinet of curiosities and the stories behind them. See what’s in your safe, in front of you.

Originally from West Hartford, Jesse discovered his love for jewelry through his great-aunt’s antique store. “From a very young age, she gave me an incredible education in different eras of jewelry design, from the Victorian era to Art Nouveau, Art Deco and beyond. She took me to jewelry auctions and we went through old catalogs together — something we still do to this day.”When she was thirteen, Jesse launched her first line, Shopgirl, which was offered in a local boutique in her hometown. “It was in 2003 and my jewelry was sold alongside Juicy Couture and True Religion Jeans,” she recalls. “I thought I had done it!”

After graduating from university in Paris, Jesse studied jewelry design at the Gemological Institute of America. In 2014, she launched Marlo Laz with the Talisman piece, a design inspired by her long travels. “I’ve always loved collecting coins from different currencies and countries, and I wanted to recreate this idea with Marlo Laz,” says Jesse. “I was passion with the idea that even though I come from different parts of the world and speak different languages, there are universal symbols that everyone understands: hearts for love, eyes for protection and leadership, sunbeams for light, Elephants with raised trunks and horseshoes for I have put all these symbols together and created a piece that looks like the happiest of all spells.”

As the brand has grown in size and notoriety, Jesse continues to add universal symbols to each of his pieces, giving them a meaning beyond their exquisite beauty and elevating them to eternal memories.

Each Marlo Laz collection is inspired by a destination, a Muse, a culture and an artistic era. “With the rise of the desert, it was New Mexico as a destination, Millicent Rogers as a Muse, Native American culture and artists like Georgia O’Keefe,” says Jesse. “Our new south-western lunar and solar chain is a mainstay of my daily Rotation. This is one of my favorite examples of our gold embroidery, which pays to the American Southwest. It’s a statement in itself, but I also like to pair it with our other Signature pieces.”

A sign of gratitude: I Bring Good Luck from Marlo Laz

“As a constant hero, I can’t say enough how important our signature Lucky Charm piece is to me and Marlo Laz as a brand,” says Jesse. “Not a day goes by when I don’t wear it in some form. This little piece has had such an impact, putting us on the map and creating an interconnected tribe of women who are spreading love, happiness and light around the world.”

“Je Bree Bonheur” means “I bring happiness and joy” in French, but as Jesse explains, the meaning goes even further. “It’s about creating your own happiness, making things happen and seeing opportunities. It’s about positivity and living in a state of gratitude. And It is a daily reminder to convey these feelings, this happiness and this goodness to everyone you meet.”

Editor’s tip: large lucky diamond necklace

One of the most emblematic pieces of Marlo Laz, The Lucky medallion is immediately recognizable by its wavy outline — a nod to the freedom of spirit of the brand and the work of Jean Royère. This large pendant necklace features a faceted diamond bezel surrounded by a halo of white diamonds.

For the practice of self-love: Agape by Marlo Laz

You may recognize this necklace by its main role In and just like that, but the Design dates back to the beginning of Marol Laz. “When I designed this piece in 2015, I made it for women who, like me, are not typical heart bearers,” says Jesse. “It is a heart for a woman who is a pioneer who crosses the world to the rhythm of her own drum. It was awesome when Sarah Jessica Parker chose the spiked heart necklace as her new Carrie necklace.”

The statement piece is part of the Agape collection, which takes its name from a Greek word that translates as “the highest form of love”. Rightly, Jesse notes that this piece is something that customers often buy for themselves in order to practice self-love. Carrie said it best: “The most exciting, challenging and meaningful relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone who loves you, whom you love, Well, that’s just fabulous.”


Editor’s tip: diamond necklace with heart piece and spikes

With its 14-carat gold heart and diamond-encrusted tips, this romantic but avant-garde piece evokes the unconditional love that the wearer has for himself. Its sun motif reminds us to let the inner light shine while remaining strong and positive in all things. This feeling is reflected in the engraving on the back of the pendant, which reads “in perpetuum et Unum diem,” or “forever and a day.”

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