when you’re planning your next out-of-town adventure – from a few nights to a few weeks around the world – you may be looking for something new to add to your summer capsule wardrobe or your favourite holiday outfits. With limited space, packing the perfect clothes for the holidays means balancing style and versatility. We’ve scoured our favourites at SSENSE to find everything you need for a big trip: from bodysuits that go effortlessly with Jeans, skirts and Shorts to stylish accessories that add the finishing touch to any outfit, every piece deserves a place in your suitcase.

A day-night Sandal

On vacation (and in general) it is important to have versatile, comfortable and cute shoes. These Bottega sandals prove to be the ultimate choice thanks to their timeless neutral shade that can complement a variety of looks. From exploring picturesque streets to dining at sunset, these sandals can easily transform any outfit from casual to polished in no time.

An everyday bodysuit

There is no doubt about it: this skims Fits Everybody Bodysuit is a must-have for any wardrobe. Its soft and form-fitting fabric adapts to all curves – read our full SKIMS review for more impressions on how it handles different curves. It is available in a variety of basic colors, including black, light brown, navy sapphire and brown. Whether worn alone as a statement piece or layered under your favorite coat, this Bodysuit will quickly become an instant companion. In addition, it goes well with Jeans, Shorts, skirts and more, which means that the outfit options are almost limitless.

A hat for all activities

Complete your outfit with this favorite piece from Gucci. This designer bucket hat combines fashion and functionality, enhancing any Look and offering adequate sun protection. The cream color and the signature GG logo add a touch of luxury, while the wide brim makes wearing sunglasses optional. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or exploring nature, this bucket hat will keep you in the shade in style.

A belt for traveling

A belt can be both a fashion statement and a functional accessory – and this Amari belt is proof of that. With a cream and cream shade, this piece is suitable for all color palettes. It has an adjustable cut that fits comfortably to your Size, as well as an attention-grabbing material Logo. Pair it with your favorite silver jewelry and your outfit will be complete.

Simple but attractive heels

These stunning Versace Singback heels are the rare pair that combines elegance and comfort, making them an ideal addition to your suitcase. The elegant black design and the iconic Versace logo detail exude sophistication and luxury, making it easy to pair with any outfit, including a little black dress or jeans and a t-Shirt. But the strap is elastic for a comfortable and simple fit. These heels are the perfect way to look elegant, whether at a glamorous event or a dream evening.

A classic LBD

If there’s one outfit that never goes out of style, it’s a little black dress. This Balmain Mini features a flattering V-neck and a fitted Silhouette that instantly creates a seductive look for day and night activities. Pair it with designer sneakers and a hat during the day, or wear it with kitten heels and a clutch in the evening, and you will love it throughout your trip.

A backpack to take with you

Need a bag that can carry everything? Then this Mini Gandini backpack is the perfect companion for your next adventure. With its compact size, it is ideal for accommodating your essentials such as water, lip gloss, credit cards, etc. The elegant black shade completes the outfit of your choice, while the removable straps make it versatile and durable.

Sapphire jeans

When it comes to holiday-ready jeans, these Anine Bing sapphire jeans are a must-have. Thanks to their relaxed but flattering cut, you will find the perfect balance between style and comfort. The timeless sapphire wash blends effortlessly with any top, giving you the opportunity to dress it up and down. Whether you’re walking along the beach or exploring a charming town, you’re ready for any adventure with these pants.

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