After the Super Bowl, there were questions with the question “How old is JLo?and phrases like “JLo age ” have skyrocketed among the search trends on Google. It’s no surprise—the multi-hyphenated superstar has dazzled audiences at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami and in households across the country. Her silver ensemble looked flawless and she had as strong a performance as ever. In addition to Shakira, the enjoyment expert rocked the whole country. What makes the answer to this question apparently on everyone’s lips, all the more surprising; Jennifer Lopez is 50 years old at the time of this writing. This leads to a follow-up question that we all ask ourselves: how?

Well, in addition to a killer training regiment and an impeccable diet, Lopez manages to find time in her busy schedule to also get a couple of cosmetic procedures. One thing in particular-Thermage-stood out from us, because who wouldn’t be fascinated by something called a “non-invasive facelift”?”To understand Lopez’s eternally young complexion (and how we could achieve it), we spoke exclusively with Dr. Robert anolik about the treatment that allows the versatile actress, singer, dancer and megastar to look so young. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Thermage?

Thermage is a treatment in which the recipient achieves the effect of a “non-invasive facelift” by increasing collagen production. As Anolik explains, people get Thermage for all sorts of reasons. “There is an increasingly important area in aesthetic dermatology that is trying to tighten, tone or tighten the skin without surgery,” he says. “Many of the options that exist are usually facelifts, butt lifts and arm lifts, all of which require a lot of downtime, but the benefits of these operations are spectacular. These are great options, but it’s pretty much what people need or can do given their lifestyle, and we helped here in our practice to develop the first versions of this treatment, and it started almost 20 years ago. We have done many of the initial clinical trials, and it has evolved in recent years to be in its current form.”

How Does Thermage Work?

According to Anolik, ” Thermage is based on a technology called radiofrequency, and the reason why it is one of the most popular options for tightening the skin is that radiofrequency essentially provides an electric current through the epidermis and dermis that generates widespread heat in these areas. This triggers a process in which the skin tightens and new collagen develops—not only on the surface itself, but in this entire area of the epidermis and dermis. And it can create a tightening effect.”

Since Anolik’s office was involved in the development of the Thermage as a treatment, he can also talk about the difference between the current Thermage and its original form. “Thermage itself has undergone several developments, not only in the way it is processed, but also in the technology itself. Initially, in our offices, when we were working on developing it, we used very high energies with very few passages on the skin, but we learned that it was more painful and less effective. If, over time, we gradually realize that we can give off lower energies instead, which is much more pleasant and not more painful, and do it with a lot of passages on the skin, we can achieve better results.”

Does a thermage treatment hurt?

According to Dr. anolik, only” minimal pain ” is associated with thermage treatments. During the procedure, a doctor will run the Thermage handpiece over your skin to deliver the high frequency energy. Every time the handpiece touches your skin, you will feel a brief feeling of cooling, followed by a deep but brief feeling of warming, and then another feeling of cooling. During the treatment, anesthesia is not required, since the pain is usually tolerable. If you are experiencing pain, your doctor may prescribe an oral medication to numb discomfort.

What are the results of Thermage?

Thermage makes for a slimmer face or a slimmer body, as you replace the collagen that your skin loses due to aging with new collagen from the treatment. It is not bulging in itself-it is rather a tightening and tightening. With Thermage, you can also expect an improvement in skin flabbiness, fine lines and wrinkles, as well as a temporary reduction in cellulite. You may notice some improvement in skin firmness soon after your treatment. However, it takes some time for the collagen level to replenish and the full results become obvious. However, most patients usually see all the benefits of their treatment within 2 to 6 months, the effect of which can last for more than a year, depending on the skin condition and the aging process.

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