Contemporary trends have led to an increase in functionality in the stylistic stratosphere. Currently, we live in a time when athleticism prevails on designer catwalks and in street style. The phenomenon has even given rise to celebrity athletic lines inspired by individual brands and styles.

From Selena Gomez’s collaboration with Puma to Alexander Wang’s elegant exit with Adidas Originals, passing through Virgil Abloh’s endless collections with Nike with several hyphens, it seems that celebrities and designers have pursued fitness ranges that they call their own. Our editors have been following and liking the recent collaborations on the fashion market and they have put together a retrospective of the recent and most dressed sportswear collections to wear now!

Stella McCartney x Adidas Shoes

Since 2005, Adidas by Stella McCartney has always been at the forefront of the Sports Performance category for women. The unique combination of Adidas’ Commitment to evergreen sportswear and cutting-edge Technology with Stella’s signature style turned out to be a heavenly combination. Collection after collection, the brand supports and empowers the modern woman, and the recent collection of the Adidas by Stella McCartney collection has been designed for people and the planet, always striving to use the “most sustainable and innovative methods and materials”.”Everything from a backpack with a printed logo to Ultraboost women’s sports shoes shows the collaboration’s focus on function and fashion.

Victoria Beckham x Reebok Celebrity Fitness collaboration

A glance at the pieces of the Victoria Beckham x Reebok collection, which offers everything from the round neck to the flared skirt, immediately emphasizes that this is not your average sports outfit. “The pieces in this collection are for a woman who wants to feel as good as possible,” says Beckham. “These are high-end sportswear, and this season the themes of dance and running are at the center of attention, both of which are essential elements of my daily training.”The collaboration is inspired by the workout clothes of the after 80s and early 90s.

“The Fluro and the reflective details make me think of night races through the city,” Beckham notes. As a runner herself, it is important to know that while Beckham did not focus fully on designing pieces for training, she incorporated the lifestyle and aesthetics of running culture throughout the collection for layering and mixing in each daily edition.

Adriana Lima x cougar Celebrity Fitness collaboration

“Having my own collection was a dream come true. My partnership with PUMA was extremely cooperative, because not only could I be the face of several of their campaigns, but I could now launch my own. I was inspired by retro boxing because this Sport was my passion and I chose four of my favorite colors to bring this collection to life: gray, red, black and white. I have worked tirelessly with the PUMA design teams to make sure that everything is perfect, every stitch, every detail, every material.

I hope everyone will like what we have proposed, because it has been made with so much love and care”, thinks the model and muse of sportswear Adriana Lima. With threads linked to boxing culture, the Adriana Lima X Puma collection, which has everything from a women’s hoodie to leather training shoes and a women’s backpack, is clearly designed for performance, but with an urban touch, so perfect for going from the Ring to the street.

Alexander Wang X Adidas Shoes

After last year’s revolutionary Fall / Winter 2018 collection, Alexander Wang and Adidas have continued their collaboration for a brand new collection. The recent collection of pieces is inspired by the “club leisure” of the 1980s, with pieces designed for clubs and gyms. The sporty influence of the collection is evident in pieces such as cycling shorts, short T-shirts, bodysuits, sports shorts and training jackets. The rave-inspired pieces throughout the collection feature nostalgic-style graphics that reference a color palette that includes “Hot Pink”, “Seafoam Green” and “Bright Yellow”.”

Off white x Nike

Although their collaboration history spans several years, Off-White and Nike have just released a few versions that our editors can’t get enough of, including the Nike x Off-White Air Force 1 sneakers and the Nike x Off-White 10 Air Presto sneakers. The first one has an interesting story in which Virgil Abloh used an X-ACTO knife to disassemble the shoes and the markers to draw on them, then gave the sneakers to cream-colored employees to dress them. “When I made my first trip to Beaverton, I immediately wanted to do something,” Abloh reflected. “In my brain, I saw every iteration or color Of an Air Force One. So where does that leave you?… I wanted to do something that would prevent you from scrolling mindlessly.

“The Presto, for its part, came to Instagram courtesy of A AP Nast before Frank Ocean wore it during the Panorama New York Music Festival. The Sneaker followed the same reconstructed design methodology that Abloh had already developed, with the designer again equipping the sneakers with guerrilla adjustments for an innovation.

Balmain x Puma Celebrity Fitness collaboration with Cara Delevigne

The collaboration of Balmain and Cara Delevigne seemed to be a long time coming, as the couple has maintained an devoted relationship over the years. “Cara was the very first woman I pecked on the lips!”Olivier Rousteing remembers when he told how he went out, stayed up, worked with the model and actress Cara Delevingne and made friends with her. An idea of both, consisting of a capsule collection of 35 pieces, will be sold in Puma stores and various other retailers, while a special collection of six pieces will be available exclusively in Balmain boutiques from November 21.

The collection includes silky red and sapphire boxers, bomber jackets in contrasting colors, Leggings and casual striped T-shirts that harmoniously mix sportswear and minimalist basics with an ultra-chic Balmain touch. Both Rousteing and Delevingne are passionate boxers and cultivate the personal and professional ethos that the greatest actions are the ones you action with yourself. Of the idea of recruiting Rousteing, Delevigne said: “I was sure that Olivier and I had the same Vision.”Roustein’s Answer? “A big yes! Cara creates her own rules – she’s not just trying to please the fashion crowd.”

Gigi Hadid x Reebok celebrity fitness collaboration

Gigi Hadid and Reebok have teamed up again for a stunning collection that is characterized by both clothes and shoes, designed with childhood memories of nature. The second exit between the brand and beauty, the recent pieces combine functionality and style. About the collection, Gigi reflected: “everything in nature inspires me. The light, the colors, the energy, the complexity. My Season 2 collection is designed to support you, work with you, work with temperatures, work with the environment. “The pieces include convertible vests, one-shoulder sports bras, tracksuits and a new DMX 2K zip-up sneaker available in trendy neutral colors. With light sapphire accessories reminiscent of a clear sky and neutral khaki tones alongside black and white iterations, this is really one of the must-have collections.

Selena Gomez X Cougar Celebrity Fitness collaboration

With a new Album and a remarkable third collection featuring Puma, Selena Gomez is definitely on the right track. The rush for “Rugby-inspired clothing, shoes and accessories for an effortlessly chic look,” which includes a Rugby shirt, a Hockey dress, a puffer, a woven jacket and a cap, is a must-have from season to season. The color palette of the collection is quite discreet and neutral, but incredibly elegant, allowing you to take your Athleisure Looks to the next level. Shades ranging from white to tan, Navy and soft pink anchor much of the clothing, perfect for a perfect mix and match.

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